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You Just Never Know... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Fones   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 18:36
Who's listening.

Thursday morning I met a young woman for coffee at a local Colorado Springs Starbucks. She wanted to talk a bit - turned out to be a conversation about "relationship difficulties." We got our caffeine fixes and sat outside in the glorious Colorado sunshine and began to chat. She spoke of her difficulties in keeping Christ first in her life, rather than a young man in whom she is romantically interested.

A fellow was seated outside at a table near us, and he finished his drink and left shortly after we sat down and began to chat. Awhile later, I noticed he had returned, sans coffee, and had sat down at a table next to us. While the young woman and I continued to talk, he continued to sit, staring off into the distance (I presume - had had dark sunglasses on, so I couldn't see his eyes.)

After about twenty minutes or more, he was now leaning forward on his chair, and I couldn't help but wonder if he was listening.

Finally, at one point, he interrupted me and asked, "Speak louder, please, the Lord's ministering to me through you." I was a bit startled, but said, "Thanks be to God, then." It wasn't long before Kevin was a part of our conversation about relationships, faith, God's love and will for us, Divine Providence, and the fact that we only get to see a small part of the big picture that is our life, while God knows the whole of it.

I wonder how many Kevins sit next to us on buses, planes, in coffeeshops, restaurants. How many Kevins are in the cubicle adjacent to ours at work? How many people are hungering to hear a word of hope, hungering to be assured of God's love, desiring to know God has a work of love for them to do?

St. Dominic was said to have always been either talking to God or about God. Evidently plenty of people were listening in.

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