Seattle Becoming Catholic En Masse? Not So Fast. Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 08:43

Latte Land.  My home town.  Beautiful city.  You do have to able to accept 9 months of grey and rain in exchange for lush, leisurely springs and enchanting, blue and white summers that have an average high of 75 degrees.  There is a reason why Starbucks and Tully's and Seattle's Best all started in the Emerald City.  For 9 months, you need that triple grande latte to face the grey.

The news is that Seattle has a new Archbishop who sounds like great guy for many reasons.  I was more than a bit stunned to see that Whispers said that the Catholic population of the archdiocese (which covers all of western Washington) had grown to 900,000.  That made me rock back in my chair since that would involve an 80% increase in Catholic numbers since I left town for the Rocky Mountains nine years ago.

What had happened?  The only thing I could imagine was a mass immigration of Hispanic Catholics into the famously land of "None" which would utterly transform the spiritual and cultural landscape and would surely have made the national news.  Or perhaps all the Vietnamese Catholics in the US had moved en mass to the Puget Sound.  Surely a development like this would have been mentioned by my family and friends who still live there.

So I checked the Archdiocesan website which gave the Catholic population of western Washington as 577,000.

Ok.  A perfectly believable, modest level of growth.  The planet is still spinning on its axis.

Gotta watch those numbers.