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 Making Disciples:  Making Disciples is a seminar that trains parish leaders to fostering the awakening of personal faith in Christ and intentional discipleship. The evangelizing awareness and skills learned in MD can be applied to almost any kind of ministry situation and used with family, friends, and co-workers.

 Making Disciples is available in a 5 day format (Sunday at 6pm through Thursday at noon) or a two weekend format (Thursday at 6pm through Saturday at 3pm).  The two weekends are held approximately 2 months apart with practical "homework" in between.

 Evangelizing Post-Modern Catholics 1 ¼ hour. (An Introduction to post-modernity, pre-discipleship spiritual thresholds and the art of Making Disciples.)

 Spiritual Climate and Evangelization 1 hour. (How the cultural changes of the past 50 years have dramatically changed how we must go about proclaiming Christ)

 Telling the “Great Story":  How to Change Lives by Introducing Others to Jesus (A one day, 9 am – 5pm, practical workshop in learning to share the basic Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.)

 Parish-Based Evangelization  (A 1 ½ hour presentation on parish-based evangelization processes that have changed the lives of millions of ordinary Catholics.)

 The Charisms: Key to Evangelization. 2 hours  (An introduction to the charisms and how discerning and exercising these gifts of the Holy Spirit reveals Christ and remove impediments to faith and the journey to discipleship.)

 Evangelizing through RCIA: 3 hour version   (Introduction to spiritual climate, intentional discipleship, pre-discipleship spiritual thresholds and their significance in the RCIA journey.)

 Evangelizing through RCIA: One day version (9 – 4pm) (Introduction to spiritual climate, intentional discipleship, pre-discipleship spiritual thresholds, the “Great Story of Jesus  - the kerygma  - and the challenge to conversion, introduction to the art of evangelizing conversations.)